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We are transforming global freight forwarding, creating a future defined by intelligent, sustainable and profitable decision-making. Nothing we do is hypothetical. Everything we do has measurable impact.

Our combined experience of over 150 years in logistics, artificial intelligence and scaling startups allows us to innovate boundlessly, constantly push the frontiers of what’s possible, and generate revolutionary tools to deliver business impact to our customers.

We stand proudly, not just for what we achieve, but for how we achieve it - creating trust through professionalism, integrity, and transparency.

What we care about

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do and our success depends on staying true to them.

Embrace a path to endless possibilities

We champion a growth mindset, viewing every challenge as an opportunity. We compete only with ourselves, constantly striving to break norms and exceed past achievements.

Innovate courageously

We believe curiosity drives innovation and all things are possible as long as we never stop developing and improving. The freedom to innovate and create propels us forward.

Go beyond the expected

We embrace responsibility and grasp the initiative. A culture of ownership inspires us to go beyond the ordinary, setting new standards in everything we do.

Challenge the status quo

We say what we think and embrace every challenge. We fight to break down complexity, using our knowledge and expertise to deliver simple-yet-great customer experiences.

Deliver customer value

We focus on the biggest opportunities to be meaningful to our customers. Everything we devise, develop and deliver is with their strategic goals in mind.

Be proud of the how

We don't just collaborate; we ignite ideas. We’re a melting pot of unconventional thinking, openness to diverse perspectives, and a relentless drive to share knowledge and push boundaries.

A truly global team with proven technology and business acumen

On a mission to empower freight forwarders with efficient, profitable, and confident decision making at scale, using practical AI.

Founder and CEO

Gaurav Bajaj

Gaurav is a mechanical engineer, MBA turned technologist. He is a strong believer in the untapped potential of human machine collaboration. His mission is to build a sustainable, diverse and truly inclusive future.

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Dongho Kim

Dongho is a serial tech entrepreneur and a co-founder of He has a phd in Machine Learning with an expertise in decision-making under uncertainty. He hails from South Korea.

Vice President

Daniel Bataller

Daniel brings extensive experience in logistics and supply chain management. He played a pivotal role in scaling Freightos, leading to its Nasdaq listing in 2023. Prior, he consulted for PwC and spent several years leading initiatives at DHL. When not working, Daniel enjoys anything that gets him outdoors, from cycling to pulling weeds in the garden.

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Dr. John McLeod

John used to be a mathematician, but got better. He became a software engineer which lead, inevitably, to machine learning. Teaching machines to solve problems has taught John a healthy respect for humans.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Egor Tiavlovski

Egor is an expert in complex network control algorithms and is currently focussing on solving real-world RL problems. He devotes his spare time to horse riding and raising foals in the remote village.

Technical Product Lead

Dr. Sarah Jarvis

Sarah is a recognised industry expert in data science. She focusses on accelerating productisation of our ‘Data to Decisions to Value’ offerings. In 2019, she was also named among Re-Work’s 30 influential women advancing AI.

Machine Learning Engineer

Oskar Fernlund

Oskar has a mechanical and aerospace engineering background, but switched focus to ML after realising that the world is noisy and non-deterministic. He loves Gaussian processes and probabilistic modelling, and wrote his Master’s thesis on sparse GP approxim at Imperial College London.

Machine Learning Engineer

Rohan Saphal

Rohan completed his undergraduate studies in design engineering at IIT Madras, focusing on robotics and reinforcement learning. More recently, he had a Master’s degree focused on multi-agent reinforcement learning at the University of Oxford.

Director, Customer Success

Nikolaus Sievers

Nikolaus is a senior professional, serving as the bridge between logistics operations and advanced technology. He excels in working with Senior Leaders in delivering operational excellence through digital transformation.

Lead Software Engineer

Noam Ben Tsion

Noam has, for over 20 years, led complex technical projects, from small start-ups, through scale-ups and to the largest enterprises. He's witnessed both failures and successes and managed to learn a few useful tricks along the way.

DevOps Engineer

Mihai Andrei-Costea

Mihai is a DevOps engineer with a background in iOS development and QA automation. He enjoys working with diverse technologies and automating any process he can get his hands on.

VP Growth

Paul de Haan

With over 25 years of experience in commercial revenue expansion at leading logistics firms like Tive Inc and OnProcess Technology, Paul excels at shaping GTM strategies and optimizing sales processes globally. Outside work, Paul can be found composing on his guitar, on his mountain bike, or hiking the National Parks with his family.

Advisor - GTM

Will Urban

Will is a former Chief Revenue Officer of Flexport, led the company's revenue growth from $600M to $4.5B in three years. With 25 years in logistics and supply chain, including key roles at Expeditors, he now advises on go-to-market strategies.

Advisor - Product

Peter Hove Hildebrandt

Peter has over 20 years of senior-level international experience in the world of shipping. He led Maersk's digital and business transformation, focusing on revenue management, logistics growth, digitizing product offerings and launching the flagship Maersk SPOT product.

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