Price Optimisation for Freight Forwarding

Combining artificial intelligence with human expertise to empower efficient, profitable and confident decision making at scale.

Unlock the potential of intelligent pricing

Make intricate pricing decisions and generate optimal prices using’s Price Optimisation Engine.

Increased quotation efficiency

Faster handling of customer requests through automation and control of pricing policies.

More adaptability and resilience

Dynamically updated price suggestions and active learning from real-time market feedback.

Improved yield performance

Clear commercial steering and data insights that help you grow and protect your margins.

Trained on real data, our AI models guarantee robust and powerful performance


Trade lanes


Air & Sea Port Pairs




Air Metric Tons


Total CARGO value

Time to reap the full reward of pricing transformation

Using our decision intelligence to analyse customer behaviour, real-time market feedback, and commercial objectives, freight forwarders can confidently and proactively offer dynamic prices that quickly respond to market conditions and align with strategic objectives.

Model your pricing

Find the optimal pricing strategy by gaining insights from complex, historic and real-time customer buying behaviour, and adapt it to rapidly-changing market insights.

Set and manage KPIs

Set your commercial targets at a Trade Lane or Port Pair level and optimise core KPIs such as gross margin, revenue, quote conversion rates & efficiency.

Adapt and optimise prices

Generate dynamic price recommendations and measure pricing performance to continuously test and confidently adapt your prices to supply and demand changes.

Create new value with advanced pricing

Our solution has demonstrated the ability to boost KPI performance while maintaining customer conversion levels, and has proven faster recovery from disruption while managing acceptable risk levels.
Potential uplift in GP
Faster recovery from disruptions
By connecting our proven operating systems and data science applications with’s optimisation technology, we can test whether it is possible to dynamically adapt our pricing strategy to market volatility, supply chain disruption, and changing customer preferences by utilising Artificial Intelligence.


Become a pricing star with

Bespoke, insights-driven, dynamic price recommendations at scale, aligned to your strategic goals.

Tailor, assess, and deploy pricing strategies and enhance quotation performance by implementing bespoke dynamic prices, grounded in the principles of price elasticity and customer buying behaviour.

Directly integrate our pricing intelligence into your existing pricing and quotation systems with’s data and integration solutions.

Deliver a pricing strategy that is future-proof and adaptable to market changes by combining domain expertise with machine learning, enabling you to be more efficient and profitable.

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