A truly global team with proven technology and business acumen

Our mission is to combine human expertise and AI to simplify decision making, accelerate recovery and improve resilience in global supply chains

A team born in times of chaos and disruption

We started our journey in the most uncertain and volatile time, driven by the global pandemic. The idea around Solvo.ai represented for us a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

We are a team with a combined experience of over 100 years in Logistics, artificial intelligence and scaling startups. The team’s collective skillsets cover artificial intelligence, mathematics, mechanical engineering, logistics operations and economics.

What we care about

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do and our success depends on staying true to them.

Customer Value, First

AI is as good as decisions it recommends. Our unequivocal customer-first and collaborative mindset drives us to build technology that delivers customer value at every step, every day.

Solving Complexity, Everyday

We, as a team, thrive in times of uncertainty and are motivated to solve the most complex problems. For us, there is no better sense of achievement than collaboratively finding innovative answers.

Equitable, Sustainable Future

Solvo.ai prides itself on having a global and inclusive team, with a mission to produce diverse role models for the future - and we'll hold ourselves to account on that.

Our team

We are on a mission to improve supply chain resilience, agility and self learning using AI.

Gaurav Bajaj
Founder and CEO

Gaurav is a mechanical engineer, MBA turned technologist. He is a strong believer in the untapped potential of human machine collaboration. His mission is to build a sustainable, diverse and truly inclusive future.

Dr. Dongho Kim
Chief Technology Officer

Dongho is a serial tech entrepreneur and a co-founder of Solvo.ai. He has a phd in Machine Learning with an expertise in decision-making under uncertainty. He hails from South Korea.

Egor Tiavlovski
Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Egor is an expert in complex network control algorithms and is currently focussing on solving real-world RL problems. He devotes his spare time to horse riding and raising foals in the remote village.

Dr. John McLeod
Senior Machine Learning Engineer

John used to be a mathematician, but got better. He became a software engineer which lead, inevitably, to machine learning. Teaching machines to solve problems has taught John a healthy respect for humans.

Nikolaus Sievers
Director, Customer Engagement

Nikolaus is a senior professional, serving as the bridge between logistics operations and advanced technology. He excels in working with Senior Leaders in delivering operational excellence through digital transformation.

Sarah Jarvis
Technical Product Lead

Sarah is a recognised industry expert in data science. She focusses on accelerating productisation of our ‘Data to Decisions to Value’ offerings. In 2019, she was also named among Re-Work’s 30 influential women advancing AI .

Oskar Fernlund
Machine Learning Engineer

Oskar has a mechanical and aerospace engineering background, but switched focus to ML after realising that the world is noisy and non-deterministic. He loves Gaussian processes and probabilistic modelling, and wrote his Master’s thesis on sparse GP approxim at Imperial College London.

Rohan Saphal
Machine Learning Engineer

Rohan completed his undergraduate studies in design engineering at IIT Madras, focusing on robotics and reinforcement learning. More recently, he had a Master’s degree focused on multi-agent reinforcement learning at the University of Oxford.

Paloma Diaz
Growth Lead

Paloma is Economics and Business graduate and a certified airline transport pilot through Lufthansa Aviation. For last four years she has thrived in the dynamic field of airfreight logistics. At Solvo.ai, Paloma will be driving commercial growth and expansion

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